Accountability Coaching is an additional coaching service offered by Elan  which is customized and created for the person who is absolutely committed to making sure that they follow through on their goals no matter what.   Through email support and one-on-one calls (or video Skype sessions, your choice) with us, you will be held accountable to your goals and to the agreed-upon benchmarks and habits that you have set for yourself.

Accountability Coaching is for

  • anyone wanting fitness / workout accountability and personal training advice
  • anyone determined to make this year their best year yet and wanting assurance that they will stay on top of their game and goals, not losing focus or momentum through the year
  • anyone with a goal that really matters to them who wants assurance that they will stick with  their goal
  • anyone who struggles with follow-through and wants to change that
  • anyone looking to have an edge on achieving their goals and wants a coach in their corner to keep them on track and consistent

We help you to F.O.C.U.S.  on what is important. We also focus on you to make sure that each of our clients gets the individual attention they need. Our main priority is that you success in whatever your dreams and goals are. Give us a try and see the difference having an accountability coach






Cost:  $20/week- with a re-complementary strategy call every 4 weeks of payment. Each additional phone call is $10.


Notes: The minimum commitment for Accountability Coaching is 3-months (twelve weeks) long at 1 phone call/month, but aside from those parameters, Accountability Coaching is set up on a personalized basis dependent upon one’s goals and needs.   3 months is the minimum to see effective change in your accountability but if you goals change or you need coaching for a longer period of time, then we can stay friends as long as you need me! Payments are made on a weekly basis. Once you sign up you will be emailed a welcome email to give you the next steps to take. 


  1. Complete the Action Plan form - As a new client, you'll first tell me about your goals and goal-related challenges. This helps me prepare your unique action strategy.
  2. We'll create your Action Plan - We'll clarify your long-term goals and we'll set immediate action steps for the next 4 weeks.
  3. We'll then track your goal metrics to guide your progress - You'll get regular email coaching support. You'll also get personalized feedback and solutions to any challenges you might be facing.
  4. Every Sunday, you'll submit your Accountability Report - You'll update me with the actions you took, your successes, and the challenges you had that week. We'll also make sure you've got an action plan for the upcoming week. I'll keep you accountable.
  5. I'll give you feedback on your Accountability Report - I'll review your week to make sure you took action on your plan. We'll also discuss solutions to your challenges and set action steps for the next 7 days. Feedback is given by email or Skype, depending on your coaching program.
  6. I'll check in with you up to twice during the week to keep you on track - Never want to make you feel like you're in this alone. 

We'll repeat this process each and every week as you make steady progress towards your goals.


Policies and procedures for Confidence Coaching, Accountability Coaching and Consulting

I. Our Commitment to You

As your coach, in whatever capacity that looks like, I take the opportunity to be a voice of influence in your life very seriously and with great honor. You can expect that I will be your number one cheerleader and that I will hold you to whatever standards of achievement you wish to reach. In our coaching and consulting sessions, you can expect my full attention, probing questions and dynamic conversation about how to make and implement positive change. Each coaching session, 20-minutes in length, will include homework and actionable items for immediate implementation as well as personalized and creative measures for accountability. Additionally, everything disclosed in our sessions will be in full confidence and held private, unless you grant specific permission to share anything with others. My greatest desire is to help you grow and develop into the best version of yourself possible in all areas of life.

II. Your Commitment to Us

As a client of Elan, you are committed to a sincere desire for personal development and growth. You are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, to dig into your emotions and dreams and to take action to overcome the hurdles that have been holding you back from living your best life. Finally, you understand that the coaches at Elan are not licensed psychologists, nutritionists or medical professionals and that coaching and consulting are intended to be recommendations and guideposts for your growth. How you implement your coaching and consulting is ultimately up to you, as Elan cannot be held legally responsible for any outcomes.