You are busy.  We get it.  Our  programs keep you on schedule while maintaining health.

Do you need more motivation to reach your fitness goals? We can help  by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. We offer online personal training  and in-home training so you can workout where is convenient!

Our one-on-one personalized approach allows you to work directly with a trainer who will tailor your workouts to your exact needs. 

If you have any injuries or health concerns, we are more than qualified to adapt your workouts accordingly to ensure a safe and efficient routine. You and your trainer work together in setting and attaining short and long term fitness goals, as well as overall health and nutrition goals through accountability, education, and daily support. 

 Book a consultation here.

 Would you benefit from strategies, ideas and a motivational boost to help you eat and feel better? You need a coach! Elan offers phone-based nutrition coaching so you can “meet” with your coach from the comfort of your own home, gym …or wherever! 

Coffee n Coaching & Accountability Coaching

Have you ever invited someone for coffee just to 'pick their brain' about things? Yes, yes you've done it, we all have.  Coffee n' Coaching is perfect for you then! This one-hour service gives you just that. We will strategize about how to achieve your goal and answer any lingering questions. Book a Coffee n Coaching Session here.


If you have the motivation to workout and eat right but you always fall off the wagon then you need our accountability service. We will give you the extra push you need to help you do anything you put your mind to. Become an Accountability Coaching Member here.