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Danita Morales Ramos- Licensed Professional Counselor

Thea has provided me with great, focused solutions to my nutrition and activity needs. She also provides personal training in a 12-week program for me previously. Each time I got results. Getting results says enough!

Patricia Giovannoni - Office Assistant

I have never done personal training before meeting Thea. She is a fantastic personal trainer, motivating and engaging. Thea has a deep knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition which are very valuable when your goal is to be fit and healthy! 
I would recommend Thea to anyone considering personal training or anyone looking to build on what they have already done. 

Thanks Thea!!

Monique Tillman - medical biller

I recently completed Elan Fitness 12 week program, and I am beyond excited about my results. If you follow what Thea tells you and complete the workouts, there is no way you cant see the results. She checked in weekly to make sure I was okay. She also altered my workouts due to my surgery. I appreciate all the work she put in to help me in my fitness journey.

Christine Arrington - Realtor - Retired Army 

I attended Theas bootcamp when it was in Reston, Virginia. WOW! Is all I can say. She is tough but she helped me lose the weight I wanted to and I gained so much strength from working out with her every morning

kendra .jpg

Kendra Barnes - Realestate Investor  

Thea is the best. I have learned so much fro her nutrition coaching and have a better understating of how food works with my body. I still book appointments with her to check-in to make sure Im still on the right track. Best money Ive spent yet! 


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